Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Unappreciative Adult Daughters

I've created this blog for other parents who have had it with their unappreciative children. This is my avenue to vent, and I hope that I will meet other parents who are in similar situations and have decided that they have had enough and will no longer put up with this from their children.

I'm a single mother of 5 daughters, who's names I will mention. Zhovone' (Ja-von-a) is 23 and the mother of three of my grandchildren, two boys and a girl. Next is Shelise who is 21 and the mother of 1 granddaughter and another on the way in late July. Melanie is 15 and is a Honor Roll student at school with the drive and ambition of 10 wild stallions. Gabriell is 11 and is very creative and funny, but tends to get a little angry about the lack of involvement in her life by her father. Nia who is 8 is the baby and somewhat of an in the closet genius.

These are my children and I love them, but my two oldest girls I don't really like very much. Let me explain. I don't like the women that they have become. They are both very unappreciative, lack drive and ambition, seriously seem to attract nothing but losers and keep popping out babies as if they are trying to repopulate the earth. Now don't get me wrong I've always wanted 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, but God decided to give me all girls, so be it.  I have always taken care of all of my children on my own even if it meant working 3 jobs to do it and I didn't receive any help from my parents.

I on the other hand have helped both of my two oldest, only to have them show me their asses for my effort. Currently, Shelise is living with me after, basically losing her apartment in North Carolina, because she refused to listen to me. She had my granddaughter there and had all types of people watching her and then they decided they weren't going to help her anymore, and she was paying them. She brought my granddaughter down here to Florida to me in October at which time she was 5 months old, but looked like a two month old because she was not thriving. Not only that, she was very sick. I took care of her while my daughter went back to North Carolina with the intentions of returning here to Florida in December.

Now, I've taken in my granddaughter and my daughter decides not only is she going to come back but she's bring the deadbeat father of my granddaughter along with her. Neither has a job or money. I've been buying everything the baby needs since she's been here, without a thank you or kiss my ass to boot. The father is in my home eating up everything that's nailed down and then she has the audacity to come to me on New Year's Eve and tells me that she doesn't want me to be mad at her, but she's pregnant again.

So not only have you brought an additional mouth to my home to feed, (which she knows how I feel about a woman taking care of a man, especially one she didn't give birth too), but you're pregnant on top of that and you don't want me to be mad. Well needless to say I'm PISSED!!! That was the stupidest thing you could have done. I ask did you not think to use protection and she gets this stupid look on her face. Up to this point since they've been here neither one has offered to pay a bill, help buy groceries, buy diapers or milk for the baby. This is not my baby, I'm just the grandmother.

It's now mid January and she needs to go back to North Carolina to see her probation officer and I tell her to make sure she gets him a one way ticket back to NC with her and he's not to come back to my home. He's no longer welcome. Especially after she finds out he's still trying to get back with his son's mother. How stupid, he access his facebook page on her phone and leaves it up so that she can read everything he's been writing to this woman and you're crying over him. OMG!!!! I could have strangled her at this point.

So now not only have you found out he's sorry as hell, and a deadbeat, but you're having another baby by this asshole. But I'm wrong for saying anything about him because he's the father of your children. Get out of here with that mess. I'm the person who's been helping you with everything. I drive you to work, I pick you up, I watch my granddaughter everyday even after I've just come in from work in the morning and you have the nerve to get mad at me if I'm late picking you up from work. You don't pay bills here, and you've never offered a dime for gas. I buy all of the groceries, I pay all of the bills and when I come to you and tell you, you need to help out around the house since you're not helping with the bills, you tell me you're not going to because it's not your job.

I gave her two options, stay here until you have the baby and then find a place immediately, or move out as soon as you get your taxes, but you can't stay here any longer. I explain to her that I'm paying everything, the rent, the water, electric, cable and phone on top of groceries and your response is "I didn't tell you to move into this expensive place". Ok, well with that said, you have exactly 30 days to vacate my home. I've had it, I owe you nothing, I've been trying to help you and you've been taking advantage and I'm tired of it. Oh, and I will no longer be driving you to work and you need to find child care immediately for the baby, because I'm no longer available for you to walk all over.

I turned 42 yesterday and I've had no life but my kids. I've always put them first and to be treated this way really has pissed me off. I went through the same thing with Zhovone' and I'm not doing it anymore. Neither one completed school and have no desire to do do, but they want me to take care of them and put up with their shit. You'll have to do that somewhere else because you just burned your bridge with me. I'm no longer available to do anything for you and if you think that by saying I don't have to worry about doing anything for your child and I don't care about my grandchildren and that I'm a bad grandmother, well you can go to hell with that too. They forget there is five of them, Zhovone' and Shelise don't have a monopoly on grandchildren. I'll just have to wait some years before I see any new ones and that's fine, by then I'll be old enough to care about being someones grandmother.

I'm sure there will be drama tomorrow, but I'll keep you posted.

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